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Sunday, August 31, 2014

Apple Highlights Top Reasons iOS Apps Are Rejected

Apple has a strict review process when it comes to iOS apps. This is to preserve the security of the platform, while simultaniously reducing the odds of a person having a bad experience with their apps. This is just one of the reasons iOS apps are enjoyed more than their Android counterparts. Apple has always made their guidelines known to developers, but they're pretty simple. Make sure your app is stable, doesn't crash often, looks good, doesn't steal customer data, is well described, and doesn't have hidden core features. Still, there are many other guidelines. Apple now has a page to help developers spot the most frequent violations of the App Store guidelines. So, without further ado, here's Apple's top ten list.

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Kenu Airframe+ Review

I frequently find myself on the road. Whether it's my, admittedly lengthy, commute, a weekend road trip, or even some autocross, I spend a great deal of time behind the wheel of my car. I love driving, and consider it one of my primary hobbies, but I have a terrible sense of direction. As such, I use navigation frequently. I have in car navigation, and a big touch screen, but my car's a Ford vehicle, plagued by MyFord Touch, and navigation with it is a chore. That's why I frequently use apps like Apple Maps, Mapquest, and even Trapster on my phone. My intention isn't only to find my way to my destination, but to do so quickly.

I also like having quick access to Siri, as I refuse to look at my phone for more than a glance while driving, and I never text and drive. Therefore, Siri handles when I want to listen to a different radio station, a different playlist, or when I want to reply to a message. So, for the most part, I didn't need a car mount. I kept my iPhone in a little holder I made for it in my center console, out of sight and out of reach. However, pressing the home button to talk with Siri was a pain, and I often found myself wishing I had more than auditory cues for navigation. For those occasions and others, I decided to try out the Kenu Airframe+, and the review for this wonderful little mount follows.

With Low Memory, iPhone 6 Could be Dead on Arrival

As I discussed in a previous post, Apple isn't giving their devices enough memory. This leads to Safari needing to reload all tabs when multple tabs are open, apps to be closed out of the background, and in the case of the iPad Air, frequent crashing (mine crashed once while switching between Safari and Blogsy while writing this article). The problem is that these devices require more memory, especially those with larger screens. When a device needs to fill up more pixels with graphics, the apps running on it will use up more memory. Therefore, the iPad should have more memory than the iPhone. It doesn't. Since the next iPhones are supposed to be larger, they, too, should have more memory. However, if the leaks we've seen up until now are of the actual Apple hardware that will be used in the final version, we could be in trouble. The iPhone 6 may come with only 1GB of RAM, which means it would have the same crashing problems of the iPad, wouldn't be able to load many apps, and wouldn't be able to have many tabs open at once. This could make the iPhone 6 a flop before it's even on shelves.

Friday, August 29, 2014

Leaked Video Shows Fully Assembled iPhone 6

Leading up the the official reveal of the iPhone 6 on the 9th of September, we're going to see a number of leaks. This is, by far, the biggest one we've seen yet. It clearly shows an iPhone 6 booting up and connecting to an iMac. You can even see an iPhone 5s next to it in the video, showing the size difference between the two. The larger, now circular TrueTone dual LED flash is also seen, as well as the slightly protruding camera. The device was apparently built from a collection of leaked parts, and while it isn't an iPhone assembled by Apple, it is supposedly built using Apple parts. Take a look at the video below and decide for yourself whether or not this is a valid leak, and pay attention on September 9th during the reveal of the new iPhone(s) and maybe even the iWatch.

Clear Photos of iPhone 6 Cases Leaked

You're obviously excited for the September 9th Apple event, where the new, larger iPhones and iWatch are expected, as well as some new features for iOS. It's going to be So, to fuel your excitement, I thought I'd stoke the fire and reveal some of these clear photos of the iPhone 6. These are unfinished parts, but if the next iPhone looks half as good as these, we're going to have some difficulty getting our hands on them.

Connected Blogger Drops NFC iPhone Hints

John Gruber is a bit legendary for his inside knowledge at Apple. He won't leak Apple news often, but when he does, he's almost always correct. He references a post where a blogger on Re/code made mention of an Apple wearable being revealed in the fall, but later claimed to have no inside knowledge, that he was just making a joke. But new evidence points towards Apple revealing much more than an iPhone this September, and could actually prove him to be right. Now Gruber has written a tounge-in-cheek post about a new joke he's working on. The joke involves NFC, secure mobile payments, and a new iPhone. His full quote is below. Could Apple be working on an NFC wallet for iOS, including the iPhone and the iWatch? It's actually much more likely than you'd think.