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Friday, August 29, 2014

Leaked Video Shows Fully Assembled iPhone 6

Leading up the the official reveal of the iPhone 6 on the 9th of September, we're going to see a number of leaks. This is, by far, the biggest one we've seen yet. It clearly shows an iPhone 6 booting up and connecting to an iMac. You can even see an iPhone 5s next to it in the video, showing the size difference between the two. The larger, now circular TrueTone dual LED flash is also seen, as well as the slightly protruding camera. The device was apparently built from a collection of leaked parts, and while it isn't an iPhone assembled by Apple, it is supposedly built using Apple parts. Take a look at the video below and decide for yourself whether or not this is a valid leak, and pay attention on September 9th during the reveal of the new iPhone(s) and maybe even the iWatch.

Clear Photos of iPhone 6 Cases Leaked

You're obviously excited for the September 9th Apple event, where the new, larger iPhones and iWatch are expected, as well as some new features for iOS. It's going to be So, to fuel your excitement, I thought I'd stoke the fire and reveal some of these clear photos of the iPhone 6. These are unfinished parts, but if the next iPhone looks half as good as these, we're going to have some difficulty getting our hands on them.

Connected Blogger Drops NFC iPhone Hints

John Gruber is a bit legendary for his inside knowledge at Apple. He won't leak Apple news often, but when he does, he's almost always correct. He references a post where a blogger on Re/code made mention of an Apple wearable being revealed in the fall, but later claimed to have no inside knowledge, that he was just making a joke. But new evidence points towards Apple revealing much more than an iPhone this September, and could actually prove him to be right. Now Gruber has written a tounge-in-cheek post about a new joke he's working on. The joke involves NFC, secure mobile payments, and a new iPhone. His full quote is below. Could Apple be working on an NFC wallet for iOS, including the iPhone and the iWatch? It's actually much more likely than you'd think.

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Microsoft Surface 3 Has Heat Issues

Owners of the new Microsoft Surface 3 are reporting some serious issues with heat. The Surface Pro has a laptop-class Intel i7 processor, which might be too much for the device. Users complain of heat that makes the tablet too hot to touch, and say that a thermometer icon appears before it shuts down. They also claim that it heats up to this temperature while performing very minor tasks. Tablets typically don't use i7 processors for a reason. They're powerful, but they generate more heat than their ARM-based counterparts in iOS and Android devices. Microsoft says they have a fix, but it doesn't involve cooling the device any better. Microsoft claims the issue only occurs for some users, and only when they restart the device. They claim the only issue is that the temperature gauge is showing up too early, and the fix will simply prevent that. Surely that will be enough, right?

Apple Event Officially Announced

Apple has sent out the official invites for their fall event, and, just as was predicted, the event will be held on September 9th. The invite, cryptic as ever, is above. Apple's simple message of "Wish we could say more" implies that this is going to be a large event, and they've got a lot to show us. Apple's not just announcing a new phone here, they likely have much more planned for the day. Perhaps that's why they booked a larger venue for the announcement. Or maybe that venue was the only one that allowed them to build a three story stage for the event.... What's Apple doing here?

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Flappy Bird Developer is Back With More

Flappy Bird creator Dong Nguyen creates impossibly hard games that are somehow incredibly addictive. His first game was so addictive that he felt guilty for creating it, and pulled it off the App Store and Google Play, even though he was making a fortune. Dong Nguyen was remorseful for causing so many people such frustration and addiction. If you have Flappy Bird, be sure to never delete it, because you won't be able to get it back.

Out with the old, in with the new, as Nguyen has released a new app, Swing Copters. When the game was released, it was even more difficult than Flappy Bird, making it almost unplayable. Dong is a people pleaser though, as after hearing the complaints of the players, he updated it to make the game a bit easier.

The basics are simple. Tap to take off, then tap to change direction. My high score right now is 21, and that's not too shabby, but I'm sure with a few tries, I'll beat it. Can you? Swing Copters is free, and if you're willing to spend valuable time addicted to this game, you can download it from the App Store here, or from Google Play here.