Sunday, November 23, 2014

Crossy Road, a Fun Frogger-Like Game for iOS

George Costanza might have the high score in Frogger, but you can get the high score in Crossy Road, an iOS "endless hopper" that will be familliar to arcade game veterans. Unlike Frogger, Crossy Road features a 3D view and blocky, yet cute, graphics. It attempts to answer the question "Why did the chicken cross the road?", although as it's an endless game, we may never learn why. The game is fun, addictive even, and it's free on the App Store. It does feature in app purchases, but seems to do IAP right, by not making users feel as though they're forced to pay up. There are a number of other animals and creatures to help across the road, unlocked by various awards. Of course, there is a bit of an issue with the game. You're guiding adorable animals across the road, and you're eventually going to get the little critter hit by a car, truck, train, drowned, or even picked off by a hawk. Don't worry though, it's not just cats with more than 9 lives in this game, they all get infinite respawns. You can download Crossy Road for free on any iOS device from the App Store.



Square will Support Apple Pay in 2015

Square's small and portable card readers have made accepting credit payments incredibly easy for small business owners. By using a Square card reader, which is easy to obtain and supports many card types, retailers can avoid the hassle of supporting a variety of cards, and soon, that will also include Apple's NFC based payment system in the iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, and Apple Watch, called Apple Pay. Square enabled more small businesses than ever to begin supporting credit card payments without the headaches of dealing with credit card companies. Now they'll be doing the same for Apple Pay. In 2015, the number of retailers supporting Apple Pay is going to skyrocket.

Friday, November 21, 2014

US Buyers Prefer Smaller iPhones 3:1

With the 8th generation of the iPhone, Apple introduced two brand new models with two different screen sizes. The smaller of the two, the iPhone 6, has a 4.7 inch screen, while the larger one, the iPhone 6 Plus, has a 5.5 inch screen. Consumers have been asking for a larger iPhone screen for some time now, but how big do they want it? Consumer Intelligence Research Partners (CIRP) have an answer for us. According to their research, Apple's most popular iPhone 6 model is the 4.7 inch iPhone 6, favored by consumers over the iPhone 6 Plus 3:1.

Thursday, November 20, 2014

You Can Now Use Snapchat to Send Cash

Shapchat is a fun messaging app available on iOS and Android that has users sending each other temprorary messages. In a world where every photo, comment, and retweet is permanently recorded, the messaging app that has no history and doesn't allow users to save photos quickly became popular. While the service started with photo messaging, it also moved into actual text messages and now into money. Now you can send money through Snapchat's chat feature, just by typing a dollar sign, a number, and hitting send. As long as both users have their banking information in the app, the transaction will go through. This chould change the way friends loan each other money.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Apple Celebrates 100% Score on HRC's Equality Index

The Human Rights Campaign fights for equality for gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender people. They do this in a variety of ways, but one way is by publishing reports on the companies that embrace equality and those who currently do not. That's the purpose of their annual Equality Index, which measures a company's compliance to their guidelines. Companies that have a rating of 100 must protect employees against discrimination based on both sexual preference and gender. No one should ever be fired or harrased in the workplace because of something they cannot change. Apple is a company that celebrates diversity, and for the last 13 reports, Apple has come out with a 100% rating. A majority of Fortune ranked companies now support equality, with 14 out of 20 companies on the Fortune 500's top 20 getting perfect scores. The fight isn't anywhere near over, as many companies on the list do not yet support LGBT rights, and lawmakers still fight against equality on a daily basis. For Apple, this fight is important.

Nokia N1 is an iPad Mini Clone Running Android

Jony Ive isn't going to be happy about this one. He recently made his opinions on cloning Apple designs known, and he wasn't gentle about it. Ive stated that he doesn't consider imitation flattering, calling copying his team's designs "theft" and "lazy". Microsoft recently purchased Nokia's smartphone branch as the company is the top manufacturer of Windows smartphones. While they promptly began the largest layoffs in company history, it seems the hardware brand will continue for Nokia, outside of Microsoft's control, as long as they're not making smartphones. Those remaining at Nokia won't be members of the design team, because Nokia's releasing their least original design ever. The Nokia N1 is their latest tablet, and it's clearly a clone of an iPad Mini. If Nokia's decision to start copying Apple wasn't enough, this device is strange for another reason: it runs Android instead of Windows. Has Nokia abandoned Windows technology?