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Thursday, October 23, 2014

Quick Thoughts on the iPhone 6 Plus

Okay, the iPhone 6 Plus is a large phone, let's get that out of the way right now. I was in an Apple Store recently, picking up a new toy (more on that later), and decided to take a look at the iPhone 6 Plus. I picked it up and was actually a little surprised. It's a big phone, but doesn't feel that big. It takes some slightly awkward maneuvering, but you can use it with one hand. I don't recommend it, as two hands are better than one when it comes to this phone, and you'll be far less likely to drop it. Still, the rounded edges and thin case make this phone easier to handle than I thought. There's more to the iPhone 6 Plus than the large screen. That large screen allows Apple to do more with their apps and iOS. Those features may make iPhone 6 owners envious.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Macs Have Finally Outsold iPods

When the iPod was first revealed in 2001, it quickly became popular. By 2004, it was outselling Apple's Mac computers. Apple began to known as the iPod company, with their infamous computers taking a back seat. You can see from the chart above, the iPod became popular incredibly quickly, but sometime around 2007, something happened that hurt iPod sales. Apple revealed the iPhone, and consumers wondered what they'd need an iPod for if they had an iPhone. Sales for Apple's media player began to tank and they've been doing so ever since.

It's not all bad news for Apple though. Macs sales have grown, and the two have finally traded places. Apple's selling more Macs than iPods now.

Monday, October 20, 2014

Apple Releases iOS 8.1

Today, Apple released iOS 8.1, the update to bring Apple Pay to iPhones and iPads that support it, brings back the Camera Roll, and much more. The update enables the interactions between iOS and OS X known as Continuity. With iOS 8.1 and OS X Yosemite, users can send text messages from their Mac.

The update also fixes a number of bugs, including the most annoying one I noticed with screen rotation issues. Many users have found that after rotating their iPhones they couldn't interact with the screen until they rotated it back.

Unlike Apple's first update to iOS 8, this one has been largely well received. As of this writing, I haven't heard any bad news about it. So get to your iOS device and start downloading. Just make sure you have your device charged or plugged in, and that you have plenty of storage space.


Sunday, October 19, 2014

Apple's Got a Mini iPad Issue

Apple revealed new iPads last Thursday. This included a new iPad Air 2, thinner and faster than ever with TouchID, and the iPad Mini 3, the same as the iPad Mini 2, but with a gold color option and Touch ID sensor. They also have continued to sell the iPad Air, iPad Mini 2, and even the first generation iPad Mini for a reduced rate. This is Apple's problem. The first iPad Mini is just $249 right now, which will make it very popular. Unfortunately, it also uses a processor that is now 3 years old, and slower than the any other iOS device Apple currently sells. Apple and third party developers will now need to support the slowest iOS device for a few years, and developers aren't happy about that.

What Gamergate is and why it Needs to End

If you're a fan of technology or video games, you've likely heard of #GamerGate. There are hundereds of articles across the web, many arguing for or against the principles of the movement. The history of it is far more complex than I care to dive into, however I'll give a brief breakdown. One guy, after having been aledgedly cheated on by his game developer girlfriend, wrote a long post on his blog detailing the events. The part that got the denizens of the Internet riled up was when it was pointed out that many of the guys on the list were journalists who had reviewed the girlfriend's game. Suddenly, journalistic integrity came into question as gamers were upset that personal relationships could get in the way of accurate reviews.

What became of it has been anything but civil. Regardless of how either side claims the movement escalated, it needs to stop.

Friday, October 17, 2014

Apple Reveals New iPads

The Retina 5K iMac wasn't the only product Apple revealed yesterday. Apple also updated the iPad Air and the iPad Mini. The new iPad Air has gotten the (increasingly lengthy) title of "iPad Air 2". The New iPad Mini is now the third generation of the device, called, aptly, the "iPad Mini 3". The updates contained more than the addition of a TouchID fingerprint sensor. Apple also made the iPad Air 2 thinner than the previous model, and much faster too. The iPad Air 2 also got a feature that will make anyone who has used their iPad outdoors happy: an anti-reflective coating. Both the iPad Air 2 and the iPad Mini 3 also received a new gold color finish.