Friday, November 28, 2014

Nintendo Could be Planning a Gameboy Emulator

Since smartphones and tablets have begun to replace traditional portable game systems, users have hoped Nintendo would eventually make an emulator for these devices. Even Nintendo's investors have tried to push the company to porting their classic games onto iOS to profit off of titles they're no longer selling. It's a way to help the struggling company lean on their beloved classics to save the company. Super Smash Bros for the Wii U may have boosted Nintendo's profits, but it'll be short lived. Perhaps that's why Nintendo has finally started to consider alternatives. A new patent shows that Nintendo could finally be ready to make an emulator for smartphones and tablets.

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

These Are the Most Popular Non-Apple Apps on Homescreens

A homescreen is almost like a fingerprint, everyone's is a bit different. Of course, there are those few people who have decided not to customize their homescreen, and those people are weird. For those who have customized their homescreen, and want to show it off to their friends, there's #Homescreen (yes, the hashtag is part of the name). This is an app that shares a screenshot of your homescreen on Twitter. It also scans through the screenshot, and using image recognition, figures out the apps you're using. The developers have compiled this data, and have found the most popular 3rd party apps people have placed on their homescreens. A mockup of an iPhone 5s with those apps is to the left. See any that look familiar?

Monday, November 24, 2014

Sony's App Hijacked by Hackers on Google Play

Sony installs a backup app on the Xperia smarphones they sell. This app copies data from the phone onto an SD card. It's a simple solution, but certainly not the best smartphone backup service (that still goes to Apple's iTunes and iCloud backups). The app is also available on Google Play, although you'll want to avoid it at all costs. In fact, if you have a Sony Xperia smartphone, and it prompts you to update the app, ignore it. The app on Google Play isn't owned by Sony, and the permissions it's granted give it full access to nearly all the data on your device.

The App Store is Going (RED) for World AIDS Day

iOS users may have noticed a number of their apps receiving updates and red icons last night and today. That's because Apple, along with many of the developers on the App Store, are supporting (Product) RED in support of AIDS research and relief. There's a special section on the App Store dedicated to the 25 apps that have exclusive new content as part of their effort against the spread of AIDS and to help those infected. Apple's effort to assist with (Product) RED will be the largest they've ever done, with promotions and donations coming from sales on specific days over the next week.

Game With Goal of Killing Gays Finally Pulled from Google Play Store

It's times like these that we're reminded that anyone can put an app on to Android's version of the App Store, Google Play. The official app marketplace from Google has been host to offensive apps before, and on multiple occasions has helped spread malware or has otherwise deceived customers with fraudulent apps. Unlike Apple's App Store for iOS, Google Play is open, meaning anyone could upload an app they created without it being checked properly for malware, exploits, or even offensive themes.
One game in particular stands out for it's offensive and hateful message against gay men, Ass Hunter. The game was finally pulled from Google Play, but only after more than 10,000 people downloaded it.

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Crossy Road, a Fun Frogger-Like Game for iOS

George Costanza might have the high score in Frogger, but you can get the high score in Crossy Road, an iOS "endless hopper" that will be familliar to arcade game veterans. Unlike Frogger, Crossy Road features a 3D view and blocky, yet cute, graphics. It attempts to answer the question "Why did the chicken cross the road?", although as it's an endless game, we may never learn why. The game is fun, addictive even, and it's free on the App Store. It does feature in app purchases, but seems to do IAP right, by not making users feel as though they're forced to pay up. There are a number of other animals and creatures to help across the road, unlocked by various awards. Of course, there is a bit of an issue with the game. You're guiding adorable animals across the road, and you're eventually going to get the little critter hit by a car, truck, train, drowned, or even picked off by a hawk. Don't worry though, it's not just cats with more than 9 lives in this game, they all get infinite respawns. You can download Crossy Road for free on any iOS device from the App Store.